Expressive arts for social work and social change

Tuula Heinonen, Deana Halonen, Elizabeth Krahn
New York, NY : Oxford University Press , 2019
ISBN 9780190912406
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Langue: anglais

How can social workers integrate expressive arts methods as a complement to their work to better support individual, group, and community growth? Expressive Arts for Social Work and Social Change explores the values and benefits of expressive arts (i.e., visual arts, movement and dance, expressive forms of writing and narrative, music, and performance) and the role they can play in social work practice and inquiry. Although previous research has illustrated the efficacy of expressive arts to individual therapeutic goals, this is the first work that looks at the use of these approaches to fulfill the values, ethics, and principles of the social work profession. The authors draw from current and emerging concepts related to green social work, including individual and collective well-being, Indigenous perspectives and practices, social justice and social action, and individual as well as collective creative expression. This book provides insight and advice that will benefit all human service professionals interested in expressive arts.