Play and creativity in psychotherapy

ed. by Terry Marks-Tarlow, ... [et al.]
New York : W.W Norton & Company , 2018
ISBN 9780393711714
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Langue: anglais

Through play, as children, we learn the rules and relationships of culture and expand our tolerance of emotions―areas of life « training » that overlap with psychotherapy. Here leading writers illuminate what play and creativity mean for the healing process at any stage of life.
Contient: Deer, chicken, hunting dogs, and the future of humankind / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — A closer look at play / Stuart Brown and Madelyn Eberle — Play and the default mode : interpersonal neurobiology, self, and creativity / Aldrich Chan and Daniel Siegel — How love opens creativity, play, and the arts through early right-brain development / Allan Schore and Terry Marks-Tarlow — Play, creativity, and movement vocabulary / Pat Ogden — A cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspective on play / Theresa Kestly — Creativity in the training of psychotherapists / Lou Cozolino — Awakening clinical intuition : creativity and play / Terry Marks-Tarlow — Trauma, attachment, and creativity / Paula Thomson — Resonance, synchrony and empathic attunement : musical dimensions of psychotherapy / Victoria Stevens — Playing with someone who loves you : creating safety and joyful parent-child connection with theraplay / Phyllis Booth, Dafna Lender, and Sandra Lindaman — Play and the construction of creativity, cleverness, and reversal of ADHD in our social brains / Jaak Panksepp — Nesting dolls : a playful way to illustrate a valuable intervention in couples therapy / Marion F. Solomon — Rage, comedy, and creativity in theater / Jonathan Lynn — Rage underlying humor in psychotherapy / Rita Lynn — Developing resilience with the improviser’s mindset : getting people out of their stuck places / Zoe Galvez and Betsy Crouch — Play and creativity in mindful group therapy for young clients / Bonnie Goldstein — The power of optimism / Steve Gross.