Video and filmmaking as psychotherapy : research and practice

ed. by Joshua L. Cohen and J. Lauren Johnson, with Penelope P. Orr
New York ; London : Routledge , 2016
ISBN 9781138781429
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Langue: anglais

Introduction / Joshua L. Cohen and J. Lauren Johnson — A challenge to readers : ethical considerations in film- and video-based therapies / J. Lauren Johnson and Joshua L. Cohen — Film/video based therapy and editing as process from a depth psychological perspective / Joshua L. Cohen and Penelope P. Orr — Filming the fantasy : green screen technology from novelty to psychotherapy / Jon Ehinger — Vision, story, medicine : therapeutic filmmaking and first nations communities / J. Lauren Johnson — Expansive palettes : a client video media experience / Natalie R. Carlton — The benefits of using a technological intervention for children and adolescents within a grief and loss program / Carolyn McGurl, Winston Seegobin, Elizabeth Hamilton, and Mark McMinn — Digital storytelling as a trauma narrative intervention for children exposed to domestic violence / Kim Anderson and Beatriz Wallace — Digital video intervention with special populations : looking for inherent qualities / Penelope P. Orr — Digital storytelling : using videos to increase social wellness / Martin Otanez and Wanda Lakota — Video art and activism : applications in art therapy / Basis Mosinski — Digital video production : healing for the YouTube generation of veterans / Rivka Tuval-Mashiach and Benjamin Patton — Video art therapy / Yarden Kerem — Expanding the scope of traditional art therapy with green screen technology / Joe Kavitski — Technology, art therapy, and psychodynamic theory : computer animation with an adolescent in foster care / Brian Austin
[ndlr trad.: Vidéo et cinéma comme psychothérapie : recherche et pratique]